27 Sep

DIPLOS Collection: different materials, same appearance

Abet Laminati and SAIB join forces to offer a collection of distinct surfaces, united by decorations and finishes that can be combined with each other.

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Sharing a constant research aimed at creating innovative products with a high technical and aesthetic content, Abet Laminati and SAIB have joined forces to create a combination of products at the service of designers, architects and industries that are increasingly seeking quality, sustainable and aesthetically elegant solutions. DIPLOS is the result of this meeting: a collection of durable surfaces with distinctive features that combines the quality and resistance of the high pressure plastic laminate (HPL) by Abet Laminati, the innovative melamine faced chipboard (MFC) by SAIB and the edgings in ABS.

In addition to the characteristics of its surfaces, DIPLOS collection stands out for its wide range of decors, such as India, Agave, Montale, Fenice, Cadaques and Orage, that enhance the rich finishes such as the substantial Root, the innovative and elegant Aquarama, the classic and refined Dharma.

The versatile elements that can be combined with each other, the supports and complementary materials, distinguished by the same tactile and visual effects, offer continuity to the project and make DIPLOS a customizable collection that shows itself in touch, warmth, colour and combinations.