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18 Feb
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completes the interior design of three Avril boutiques using all-natural materials

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Like a small laboratory, Atelier du Pont is constantly testing new materials and assemblies to provide the most appropriate architectural solution for each project. For the three boutiques for the organic cosmetics brand Avril, Atelier du Pont has featured natural, biosourced materials: raw earth for the boutique on rue Montmartre in central Paris, cork for the shop in the Montparnasse train station, and vegetable fibers for the boutique in the Aéroville mall.


To bring the final touch to the design of the Avril boutiques, Atelier du Pont, architect and interior designer, called on the curator Où est le beau and the digital gallery and editor Folks. Together, in the space of a single day, they co-invited designers to exhibit their works in the boutiques, which included ch ...

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