27 Jul

The New Cooking Tool Shaking Up the Culinary World

Japanese brand ANAORI, a leader in manufacturing carbon graphite products, has developed a groundbreaking cooking tool that combines new technologies and natural materials in a unique design. In the coming weeks, renowned chefs from around the world will apply their expertise to showcase the potential of ANAORI kakugama.

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ANAORI kakugama: The Culinary Tool Combining Tradition and Innovation

Origins & Naturality

ANAORI Carbon Co., Ltd., has over half a century of expertise in carbon graphite technology. With properties including wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and electrical conductivity, the possibilities for carbon innovation are endless. In his childhood, ANAORI founder Eiichi Anaori’s father would heat chunks of carbon from the factory to roast sweet potatoes. Vivid memories of that flavor compelled him to establish ANAORI Inc. and partner with legendary Japanese Chef Hirohisa Koyama to develop culinary applications for carbon graphite inspired by the wisdom of Japanese cuisine. ANAORI’s flagship product, ANAORI kakugama, is a fusion of tradition and technology.

The philosophy of ANAORI was born out of respect for Japanese culture, rooted in a tradition of living in harmony with nature. Naturality according to ANAORI means understanding the principles of nature without confronting it, multiplying its powers by means of minimal intervention, in order to best utilize it.

The Japanese company unveils two ANAORI kakugama models in different sizes, to cook with the rhythm of the seasons and define a new form of minimalism: the union of functionality, elegance and perfection.

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