29 May

Gold shines in the collections of rugs by Golran

The rugs designed for Golran by the Florentine designer Isabella Sodi made by precious materials create sophisticated luminosity and the metal in the rugs of the Dimore Studio link together ornamental motifs and designs from past ages.

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Over the years, Golran has created collections that perfectly combine the ancient tradition of the Persian rug with new and contemporary languages, by collaborating with some of the most talented international designers and using elegant and sophisticated materials such as silk, linen, wool and even metal.

This is the case with the Paralleli collection created for Golran by Dimore Studio, in which rugs perfectly reflect Dimore Studio's approach in combining and mixing different materials from different eras, creating geometric patterns in which the typically Oriental patterns contrast with the simplicity of exquisite monochrome and contemporary-art inserts. The weave features metallic inserts, like scoring; thick, visible seams to stitch these different worlds together. 

A completely different approach is that of the Florentine artist and designer Isabella Sodi, for whom past and present merge in her personal choice of colour and patterns. Through ancient processes, manual colouring and knotting by the expert hands of Nepalese craftsmen, the artist has created two very elegant collections, Memories and Shadows, characterised by the use of fine yarns that create unexpected iridescence, embellishing each piece.

In these two collections, the choice of gold is no accident. Shadows Gold seems to shine with its own light: a monochromatic palette that glitters with the warm tones of gold in a play of chiaroscuro according to the direction of the fibre. It is the shine of silk that gives this design and all the others in the collection a sophisticated elegance.

Gold in the rugs of the Memories collection is chosen to enhance the more classic designs and to create unique and unexpected effects. Thus, for example in Topkapj Lapis the gold seems to filter through the weave, characterised by a mix of fibres where the sheen of silk combines with the opacity of wool. In Topkapj Oro it is the blue which seems to hide beneath the golden shades. While in the Firuzabad Gold rug, it is gold that takes centre stage, creating light effects thanks to the natural imperfections of the non-dyed wools or the manual abrash.