© Beppe Brancato
24 Jun

A selection of carpets in the warm colours of autumn

Always faithful to the brand’s roots, in recent years Golran has taken care to diversify its artistic line, seeking to combine luxury craftsmanship with a decorative dimension and contemporary sensitivity. A path that has made the carpet a conveyor not only of fashion and taste, but also of technical refinement and superior aesthetic comfort, dictated by increasingly sophisticated decorative schemes and distinctly personal colours.

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Carpets contain a multitude of secrets, starting from the raw materials used, the manual workmanship and processing skills with which they are crafted, to the colouring - which necessarily demands the requisite experience in order to achieve appreciable levels of depth and stability.

Often inspired by themes in nature, the various collections are home to elegantly balanced nuances, alternating subtle variations of shade and tone. Among these, there are carpets in warm colours ranging from red, copper and orange to terracotta, woven in wefts of fine cotton, wool and silk, depending on the model.

Inspired by Persian gardens, India Mahdavi has created the Garden of Eden collection, available in two models with four colour variations as a tribute to the seasons and months of the year. Among these, September introduces autumn bringing warm orange tones into regular leafy patterns that gradually overlap towards the centre, suggesting delicate movement in a breeze.

For Golran, the Florentine designer and artist Isabella Sodi has created two collections, Shadows and Memories.
In Shadows, the copper monochrome is enriched by the reflections of the silk that animate its apparent simplicity and enhance the model's sophisticated character, enabling it to adapt perfectly to classic as well as more contemporary settings.
Thanks to a personal interpretation of the carpet, the Memories collection seems to be suspended between past and future, blending the mastery of Nepalese weavers with colours and the precious materials that evoke unexpected sensations. Original and unique pieces thus take shape, which in the bright shades of terracotta in Topkapj and copper in Firuzabad capture all the nuances and inspirations of nature.

A combination, that of warm tones, which can also be found in the Meteo collection by the French designer Inga Sempé with Tumulte Red. Here, the shaded effect of the weave reveals a geometric design, alternating coloured threads in wool and silk which almost compose a mosaic, masking an extremely complex and elaborate craftsmanship.