17 Apr

A new vision of living at Milan Design Week

Day and night news presented by the two brands at Milan Design Week.

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As the night turns into a new day, there is a brief moment when the sun, just before rising, beams its most intimate colours into the world: dawn breaks into the darkness of the night and warms the sky with its golden, mauve light.

It is precisely the contrast between these two moments, with very different colours, that inspire the Jesse Sitland stand: chromatic and tactile contrasts arise from a selection of never obvious, sophisticated, elegant materials and colours, and they blur the boundaries between home, hospitality and public spaces. This is the space where these two important business traditions come together, after being two separate brands until a couple of years ago. However, they are very close today. Jesse and Sitland together represent a new vision of the living and contract sectors, combining private and public environments. The visitor is welcomed into a setting that brings together the innovations of the two brands and the group's vision: an environment rich in values and emotions, without genre or context barriers – from the office, to the contract sector, to the home. In the middle is a central gathering space for a moment of relaxation, privacy, and at the same time conviviality and sharing. Four other spaces open on this central courtyard, a home for everyone with one common thread: the style of Jesse and Sitland.

Each product is uniquely distinctive; each detail, the choice of colours and materials are anexpression of Italian taste and style, reflecting the wealth of the territory where the collections were conceived: a territory rich in history and culture, success stories, and renowned products.

Not only traditional know-how, but also the beauty and elegance that has always represented Italy and Veneto in the world.