08 May

Orchid: a symbol of delicacy and perfection

Handcrafted porcelain jewelry

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Following the resounding success of ​Heliconia,​ ​Aquarium and ​Magic Forest​, presented last Fall-Winter, Lladró is now launching ​Orchid​, a collection updating the brand’s virtuoso control and mastery in reproducing flowers and translating them into contemporary handcrafted porcelain jewelry.

Each one of the creations in ​Orchid i​s based on delicate floral arrangements that, thanks to the power of monochrome, bring out the timeless appeal and purity of white matte porcelain. Fragile only in appearance and made entirely by hand, the petals are arranged harmoniously in order to capture the natural and ephemeral beauty of the flowering of this unique species. The end results are perfectly proportioned pieces with great presence and a singular design that will attract all eyes.

Like the rest of its jewelry collections, ​Orchid ​has various models of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets that range from the most striking and sophisticated to the most versatile and minimalist, yet each one has its own captivating unique character.


All the pieces in this series, like the rest of the brand’s jewelry collections, can be purchased in Lladró boutiques, in authorized points of sales and in the brand’s online store ​www.lladro.com​. 

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