10 May

Ramy Fischler Designer of the Year for the September 2018 edition

With every new edition, MAISON&OBJET PARIS elects a Designer of the Year to honour one of the most outstanding names in industrial and interior design worldwide. In September 2018, MAISON&OBJET PARIS has chosen to celebrate the talent of Ramy Fischler.

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Ramy Fischler has one obsession: never to repeat himself. A taste for experimentation that began when he was studying design at ENSCI, and then developed while he worked alongside Patrick Jouin. Those years he spent exploring all expressions of design eventually led him to establish his studio in 2011. It was then that he developed his own approach. Rather than focus on the formal aspects of space or product design, Ramy Fischler prefers to question the value of function: anticipating tomorrow’s behaviours, defining the reason and use of each project, visualising the environment where a piece would be effective, these are the preliminary steps in his creative process. For Ramy Fischler, design must make sense. 

Generally speaking, his work is strongly influenced by cinema, a discipline which has always fascinated him. He practices design in much the same way a director makes a film. Fiction and collaborative work are the twin pillars of his process.

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