17 Apr

Naturalis Historia. The multiform nature of light.

Rotaliana brought to Euroluce 2019 an evocative setting designed by Giovanni Lauda, which will be the stage for the numerous innovations to be presented.

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A large botanical greenhouse (or aviary) has been recreated, where the nature of light can be observed: an elusive and multiform nature, in continuous evolution, like the animal and plant species in an evolutionary tree.

Mysterious and rational, scenic and functional, light according to Rotaliana expresses itself in multiple forms.
It is enclosed in architectural micro-structures such as Febo’s dome and the Ciminiere d’Italia. It is trapped inside Chiardiluna’s bottles, together with blown glass farm animals, to be used indoors or outdoors.

It is shielded by Dresscode's technical, decorative pleated metal lampshade.
It is diffused by Glass Fow's rice paper-like glass.
It is integrated into Squiggle and Lightwire's spatial structures.
It is hidden in nature-inspired shapes, such as Eden's sound-absorbing leaves or Pomi's metal fruits, suspended overhead like Newton's apple.

It is as dynamic as natural light in String DTW and in Smart+, which use sophisticated technology to regulate the quality of light according to needs and activities.


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