23 May

Stamskin, inspiring through touch

Performance, style and new colour ranges.

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Last April, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, in a gallery located in the 5VIE district, Serge Ferrari presented Palazzo Stamskin. The installation imagined by the French design duo GGSV staged a dreamlike palace, a space full of extravagant shapes and colours showcasing the brand’s furniture upholstery range: Stamskin. Characterized by a uniquely soft feel and available in a wide range of textures and colourways, this collection offers several creative possibilities that have made Serge Ferrari a leading partner among the world’s most prestigious brands and designers.

Stamskin One was one of the protagonists of the installation: an ultra-soft faux leather fabric designed for outdoor or marine furniture upholstery, which stands out for being comfortable and resistant, very flexible, waterproof, impervious to the development of mould and bacteria, and treated with high-performance multilayer mass-dyed coating. The perfect choice for residential projects, either for indoor or outdoor seating. 

The Stamskin range has been on the market for 20 years and has unquestionably proven its value for several high-standard sectors. It now includes a total of 33 colourways, offering the possibility to compose either wise or bold combinations.  This exclusive and innovative polymer alloy material offers a unique tactile experience, as soft as silk, and unparalleled resistance. It protects and elegantly dresses the most ambitious designs, today and for the years to come.