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07 May

For the world of luxury sea travel

It is not everyday that Murano glass chandeliers are customized for luxury sea vessels, but since Veronese’s founding the company has worked on numerous projects for luxury liners.

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Recently, Veronese received the opportunity to once again bring its bespoke Murano designs to the world of luxury sea travel. Baltic Yachts and Design Unlimited called upon Veronese’s creative team to design customized chandeliers for their new project – the recently launched Baltic 175 Pink Gin yacht.
Inspired by the unique texture and movement of sea anemone, couture fashion designer Maurizio Galante and designer Tal Lancman, designed the Anemone collection for Veronese, which proved to be the most fitting choice for this project. The chandeliers were to be customized for the exterior of this new, 175-foot, yacht, requiring various challenging specifications. In particular, it was necessary to take into consideration the special weather conditions at sea, the size of the chandeliers and the fact that they could not remain suspended when sailing.
In order to comply with these specifications, Veronese delivered two customized Anemone chandeliers featuring a unique type of stainless steel, that can withstand high levels of humidity, and measuring no more than one meter by one meter each. Furthermore, as they had to be stored during sailing, the French design house crafted two four-tiered collapsible suspensions that could easily be disassembled and put away in boxes. Finally, these customized Anemone suspensions were completed with the unique Amethyst color Murano glass as requested, which demanded a more labor-intensive procedure than the colors Veronese had previously used for this collection.
It took Veronese nine months to complete the chandeliers carrying 850 handmade Murano glass elements each, resulting in a challenging project that was successfully completed thanks to Veronese’s expertise and commitment to complying with its client’s demands.