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18 Dec
Press release

Historic rivets from the Eiffel Tower: An exceptional, limited edition object

Continuing the Diamond Lights collection presented in 2016 and 2017, the Eiffel Tower has teamed up with Arteum to create a new collector’s item to celebrate the monument’s 130th anniversary. These historic rivets, molded from iron from the Tower, are being sold in a limited edition, in an elegant wooden display box with a certificate of authenticity. A gift idea that encapsulates the symbolic importance of this architectural icon.

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The rivet, a testament to an exceptional architectural heritage

The Iron Lady’s latticework is held together by 2.5 million rivets. A symbol of alliance and a key element of the Tower, the rivets bear witness to its exceptional architectural heritage. In fact, at the time of construction, these rivets were heat- mounted by a team of four riveters: one to heat the rivet, a second to hold it in place, a third to form the head, and the last to lock it in place with a sledge hammer. This was the oldest technique used to assemble metal pieces


An exceptional object ...

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