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19 fév

Memories and Carpet Reloaded collections

Tradition and colour for the Memories and Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized collections

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Suspended between past and future, in an intertwining of luxury craftsmanship and decorative merit in a contemporary key, the Memories and Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized collections by Golran stand out for their strong connection with tradition and a very particular and personal use of colour.

Designed by the Florentine artist and designer Isabella Sodi, the Memories line of rugs offers a fresh interpretation of ancient Persian carpets, in which the mastery of Nepalese weavers and the colours combined with various precious materials come together to create unexpected effects which play upon antique designs. This is how an original and unique collection takes shape, composed of evocative pieces that bring together a selection of exceptional and elegant hues - transparent and opalescent in the brilliance of silk, opaque and deep in wool and linen.

Another reinterpretation of the traditional Persian rug based on colours is found in the Decolorized line of the Carpet Reloaded collection. A selection of oriental carpets produced throughout the 20th century is skilfully revisited, following a cutting-edge path that sees the carpets decoloured and subsequently re-dyed in monochrome. A process that endows each piece with a new identity and contemporaneity, made unique and inimitable in its nuances and effects by the reaction of different yarns and textures to the treatments they undergo.
The Decolorized line further includes a selection of carpets enhanced by their partially mohair composition. A refined touch that gives the pieces softness and a new aesthetic.

In a continuous relationship between past and future, tradition and innovation, creativity and personality, Golran confirms itself as an innovator and inspirer for lifestyle trends.