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19 avr
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10 years of Carpet Reloaded at Milan Design Week 2019

The rug manufacturer Golran celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Carpet Reloaded collection during the 2019 Milan Furniture Fair. The series played ancient Persian traditions through the use of unusual colourways, giving life to a new trend in interior decoration.

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Ten years after its launch, Carpet Reloaded was celebrated at the Milan Design Week with a selection curated by Patrizia Moroso, an early appreciator of the expressive potential of this collection. The series showed how the archetype of the classic Persian rug with floral motifs and intricately woven patterns has been reinvented into a new creation. Over the years, the eclectic, uncustomary and unique designs of Carpet Reloaded have accompanied the furniture manufactured by Moroso.

The brightly colored rugs are tinted with natural dyes ranging from emerald green and yellow to fuchsia and purple; each one reacts in a different way to the bleaching and dying process. The obtained results are consistently surprising, making each rug unique and unrepeatable. All ...

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