16 avr

At the Milan Design Week unveiled its latest collection

L'île de Serge, the installation created by Italian designer Sara Ricciardi for Serge Ferrari, illustrates with great poetry the ongoing research on materials that the French group, world leader in flexible composite material, has been carrying out for so many years.

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After their meeting at the group’s headquarters in La Tour du Pin, near Lyon, France, Sara Ricciardi imagined and designed the temporary installation, “L’île de Serge”, presented during the Milan Design Week as a tribute to the company’s production line: from turning the raw polymer material into yarn to the fabric woven from it.  The island featured Stamskin One in a delicate pink color to cover the big and soft sofas. It is an appealing, ultra-soft faux leather fabric, capable of withstanding the most extreme temperatures, ideal for in and outdoor furniture upholstery.

Stamskin Top, the reference, a versatile faux leather fabric, ultra-resistant,  perfect for any application, has been chosen to cover the red walls of the island. The new Batyline Elios, that was launched during the Milan Design Week, was used by Sara Ricciardi to cover various sized spheres that recalled pebbles on L'Île de Serge.

The project celebrates every step of the manufacturing process for the company’s outdoor range of technical fabrics by recreating them in sequential order, thus offering visitors a chance to discover the process as they make their way through the installation or sit down for a quiet moment of reflection on the island. 
L’île de Serge was designed by Sara also as a tribute to the company’s early and long-standing commitment to making recyclable products in order to minimise its environmental impact.