13 jan

Jouin Manku unveils the extension of les Haras de Strasbourg and its new spa Nuxe

French designers and architects Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku present: Les Haras de Strasbourg and its new spa Nuxe

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Jouin Manku has designed the extension for Hotel Les Haras. A spa, several meeting rooms and 60 new rooms were created inside a 19th-century building, which is just across the street from the old site of the Royal Stud Farm. The main challenge the two designers faced was to maintain a sense of unity going from one building to another. Their solution was to rehabilitate an old, abandoned tunnel linking the two buildings, and develop a concept of continuity and connectivity. Ultimately, the new project took on a character of its own, paying tribute to the soul of the existing premises and remaining faithful to the spirit of Hotel Les Haras.