Tradition and innovation together present a breakthrough for restaurant kitchens. Elegance and functionality, technology with nature, timeless yet brand new. ANAORI kakugama has arrived.

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At the crossroads of tradition and innovation is a groundbreaking product. ANAORI channels its technological expertise to carve a brand-new cooking tool from a solid block of carbon graphite, redefining timeless minimalism in a meticulously crafted product.

ANAORI kakugama brings us back to basics, where cooking is most effective in its simplest form. With minimal intervention, nature works to enhance the essence of each ingredient, embodying the principle that cooking is our seconding nature. Multifunctional yet simple, this product guides us back to the essentials of living with nature.

In a return to essentials, ANAORI uses leading-edge technology to fully exploit the potential of carbon graphite. Carving sophisticated products from a single block, ANAORI offers a radically original homeware collection that is the new definition of timeless minimalism: the union of functionality, elegance, and perfection.